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Dry Cleaning at your Place of Work

Are you interested in establishing a dry cleaning service direct to your place of work?
Playhouse has years of experience in providing corporate services to the workplace, whether you just require your clothes to be dry cleaned or wish to take advantage of our shirt and laundry services. 

We are happy to work directly with your staff or we can operate through a third party such as your catering company, social club or staff shop, who would receive a commission for their participation.
We can either call at your premises at a pre-arranged time to collect work that has been left in a designated place, preferably secure.  All work would need to be pre-paid in advance.  We would then deliver back to the same location for your staff to collect their garments at their leisure. Please note that clothes left unattended in this manner are done so entirely at the risk of the customer and we can accept no responsibility for garments not personally handed to or delivered back by our staff.


Or, if we utilise your catering or shop facilities, the staff that run the shop/canteen will check the work in and out and handle payments.  We would invoice you once a month for the work we have done, less your commission.


The frequency of our visits usually depends on the method of collection chosen and the volume of work to be processed - anything from once a week to every day.
Of course we will always be on hand to offer help and advice on all aspects of cleaning matters for your staff and would be happy to talk about the treatment of individual articles when requested, either when we are in attendance at your site or over the telephone to your nearest branch.


When calling at your premises it is also the ideal time to collect and process receptionist or security staff uniforms!


If you think you might be interested in what Playhouse has to offer you, please email with your requirements and contact details so we can arrange to come and explain how we can install a convenient, reliable and cost effective service for all your staff's garment care needs.

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