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Platinum Service

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Our standards are already excellent at Playhouse, with our normal dry cleaning service INCLUDING many things other cleaners will charge you more for.


You can, however, upgrade your order to Platinum.  In this, you get our usual excellent service but also with:

  • Retexturing included.  Because dry cleaning is designed to remove grease and oily stains, by default it will also remove some of the oils that coat fibres naturally. 'Retexturing' a garment will add back some of these oils, which in turn form a protective layer on the cloth that should make it easier for future stains to be removed and helps to give the garment a bit more 'body'.  It can also help to extend the life of your clothes long term.

  • ​A re-usable wooden hanger.

  • A quality, stylish garment cover/carrier, reusable and made from a breathable fabric which is better for storing your clothes long-term - and is also planet friendly in being 100% recyclable.

You can enjoy the Platinum Package for a fixed price on top of the normal cleaning cost - just £6 for garments up to 44" (suit size) or £7 for garments up to 54" (coat or dress size) - and that's one suit or up to two pairs of trousers/skirts in one 44" carrier for the same £6.  Alternatively, if you don't want the whole Platinum Package add-on you can purchase our garment covers separately.

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