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Reduce your use of plastic

At Playhouse Cleaners we take our use of plastic very seriously.  Over the last 10 years we have switched to biodegradable plastic where possible, and use paper or reusable garment covers if suitable.  Not only are our carrier bags biodegradable but they are also strong and can be used by you more than once.  Our polyrobe can be recycled along with your carrier bags at your local supermarket, or repurpose it by tying a knot in the end to use it to line bins at home.  But you can do more to help too!

We are encouraging our customers to purchase one of our garment covers to use each time you have your clothes cleaned - we’ll label it up as personally yours and you can bring it back for re-use again and again. 


This is especially helpful if you use our Shirt Service regularly - each suit cover will fit up to 6 shirts - just picture how much plastic use you'll prevent if you have 6 shirts a week cleaned!


We have a variety of sizes available from 40" up to 72" long, so you can use them not just for suits and shirts but for longer items like coats and dresses too. 


We will also replace one of our own breathable 40" suit covers free of charge if it wears out after continual use - or you can always bring in your own ‘other’ clothes cover which we would be happy to put your clothes back into instead of using our polyrobe.


Upgrade your cleaning to our PLATINUM PACKAGE and a cover is automatically included.


Don't forget to bring back your hangers for recycling too!

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