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Shirt Service

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Hate doing shirts? Then use our popular shirt service where we will wash, dry, iron and hang your shirts, ready in 48 hours. 


For a nominal extra charge we can fold or starch them too - just ask. Button missing? Point it out to us and we can arrange to have it sewn back on.


If you would like us to use your own hangers then bring them in with your shirts OR bring ours back for re-use.


Of course, if you just want us to iron your shirts after you've washed them then we can do that too.


How about doing away with the plastic covers? Either purchase one of our garment covers or bring in your own, and we'll pop your shirts into that to keep them clean on their way home.

You also know you can trust our professionalism; we don't use 'home-ironers', all our laundry is cleaned and ironed on site by our own staff, where it is naturally a smoke, pet and food free environment. 

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