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Your order will be ready on the day we agree with you on booking in - we don't routinely call or text people when it's done!  Please come and collect it promptly, thank you.

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We are specialist cleaners of wedding dresses - bring yours in to discuss the cleaning process with us.  See here to read more about our wedding dress service.

Buttoning Up a Wedding Dress

Service Washes


We're always trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use when returning your clothes to you - putting up to 6 shirts in a bag instead of 2, 3 pairs of trousers instead of 1 and so on.

You can help reduce your plastic use by purchasing our breathable garment covers - and keep bringing them back when you return!  Especially useful if you use our shirt service as one bag fits up to 6 shirts.  When one of our covers wears out we'll be happy to replace it free of charge.  Or bring in your own cover and we'll be happy to return your garments in that too. If you want, we don't have to use any covers at all on your clothes, but please return promptly when agreed as dry cleaning shops are in fact very dusty places and this will affect the quality of the finish on your clothes if they aren't covered, and we have no control over dust deposits.

Bring back our hangers too and we'll reuse them where possible.

Our polyrobe plastic covers are also 100% recyclable - take them to the supermarket and recycle along with your old carrier bags.

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