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Dry Cleaning

An independent family run business established for nearly 40 years, Playhouse Cleaners offer a top quality, professional dry cleaning and garment care service in Crowthorne Berkshire and surrounding areas.

Our normal dry cleaning service INCLUDES many things other cleaners will charge you more for:

  • We don't charge you extra for spot treating stains like some cleaners do.

  • We don't charge you extra for garments containing silk or linen - generally expensive and delicate items, we will explain how they might react to the cleaning process as part of the service rather than charging you more for our knowledge.

  • We don't charge more for a same day service - please bring your clothes in before 10am though.

  • We don't just blow air through garments in an automated machine and call that 'finishing'.  We have trained pressers who will fully hand finish each item using specialized equipment to make sure that creases in trousers are sharp, linings in jackets are smooth and collars are flat.  Finished how you want it.

  • All applicable garments are returned to you on shoulder guards to preserve their shape and prevent 'hanger dents' in the shoulders.  Do you get that kind of consideration from other cleaners?

  • If your garment needs de-linting or de-bobbling, we will do it as part of the service.  Do other cleaners?

With Playhouse, you get as standard many things that other cleaners would call their 'premier', 'executive' or 'gold' service - and which they charge you considerably more for.  We offer excellence at no extra cost.

Reduce your plastic use -

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Read about upgrading to our Platinum Service

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We also sell a variety of handy clothes care items like lint rollers, clothes brushes, moth repellents, hangers, garment covers and storage bags.

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