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Leather, Suede and Fur Cleaning


We also clean sheepskin, fur and fake fur

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Like all garments worn regularly, leather and suede items become dirty over time and require cleaning, just like any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe.  Unlike normal fabric cleaning there are inherent characteristics in leather and suede garments that make cleaning extremely difficult and the results often unpredictable.  Suede and leather processing is a highly specialized field, and we are proud to say that we have a trained expert on our team.
Most leather and suede items require re-tinting after cleaning as they lose part of their dye during the cleaning process.  It is for this reason that if your garment is part of a suit, you should get all the pieces cleaned at the same time.  This minimizes colour differences in the finished result between the individual items.


A good cleaner will be aware of what can happen to a natural product like leather or suede when it is cleaned, and will inform you of this prior to cleaning. See our factsheet for more information. 


  • Always treat your leather and suede with great care - stains are much easier to prevent than to remove!

  • If your item gets wet, leave it to dry completely in a well ventilated area before putting it away.  If it gets stored damp and mildew forms, this can rarely be removed.

  • Don't store in a plastic cover - being a natural material, leather needs to breathe, so a cotton or breathable cover is better.

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